Extended Federal Unemployment Benefits

Federal Unemployment Insurance Extended Benefits

It is important to note that the new legislation bill update of 2012 has made significant changes to state extended benefits eligibility requirements that may change from time to time. We always encourage you to check this page for any Federal insurance updates that may occur.

Please Note: It is always important to periodically check with Unemployment-Extension.Org for eligibility for all states lengths and benefits eligibility in 2012.

To calculate the amount of compensation you will receive, simply go to your state page (the state benefits calculator will also give you the exact length of your benefits).

Federal compensation is specifically for unemployed claimants currently collect insurance (UI) in addition to their state compensation. Federal benefits entitles these individuals an extra 12 to 18 week extension of compensation for 99ers.

Federal Extended Benefits

Federal State Extended Benefits Program

Federal Extended Unemployment Benefits Ohio allows unemployed residents in Ohio (those who have already received 26 weeks of state compensation),53 weeks of extended benefits, with the emergency compensation (commonly referred to as the EUC Program), concluded by an additional 20 week benefit extension through the EB program.

Details of Federal Extended Benefits

State Prolonged-Duration Benefit Plans

Due to both National and individual State economic conditions, the United States Senate enacted Federal benefits, called the EB (Extended Benefits) Program. Throughout history, the Senate has frequently stepped in to implement short-lived programs (via Social Security Act) when our economic situation dipped. In 2010, the senate vote on the extension called Temporary Extended state Compensation which remained active until June 2, of 2010. Its conclusion began with the legislation laws of 2011.

The new bill by Congress was supposed to expire by November 30th of 2010... it was extended yet again for the entire year of 2011.

Rules for Extended Benefits

PLEASE NOTE: When state rate figures rise, compensation extends in that state. This explains why during rough economic periods, your state will shorten the length of new extensions.